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Islands Architecture

You may have guessed (if you read the rest of this blog) that I'm all-in on the web. I believe native apps are useful for some things, but not all things. So I'm all-in on the Jamstack approach.

Slow Growth Is Still Growth

I've long been a fan of Atlassian, and their approach to building a developer economy. I love that Mike Cannon-Bookes and Scott Farquhar bootstrapped Atlassian into existence.

Farming Luck

The phrase "you make your own luck" entered through my years many times during my life, and exited my mouth even more times than that. I'm a big believer in it.


Back in the earlier days of the internet - before cryptocurrencies - "e-currencies" were all the rage. was one of them.

What Jeff Bezos Says About Sleep

Before my soon-to-be three year old offspring arrived into the world, I didn't really think much about sleep. Weekend lie-ins were frequent, jetlag was a semi-normal byproduct of my day job, and late nights in bars and restaurants were a reasonably frequent occurrence.

Creation Moves You Forward

I've lived through enough unfinished software projects to know why they end up that way. Too much time spent debating, scoping, and scribing. Not enough time building. Not enough time creating.

Dieter Rams: Principles In Practice

I've written in the past about Dieter Rams, and my favourite of his 10 principles for good design - Less, But Better. Yet, practical examples of these principles in practice are tough to track down.