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Creation Moves You Forward

I’ve lived through enough unfinished software projects to know why they end up that way. Too much time spent debating, scoping, and scribing. Not enough time building. Not enough time creating.

A line in this excellent newsletter/blog post from Patrick McKenzie summarizes the illnesses of overconsumption and overprocrastination - and their antidote - perfectly.

Consumption Is Sometimes Valuable, But Creation Moves You Forward

Ideas are nothing without the environment, discipline, and support to turn those ideas into reality.

Often, though, turning ideas into reality in your “day job” can be challenging. If you’re an accountant and have a crazy idea for an accounting app, will you get a chance to build that in work? Likely, no.

If you’re a lawyer, frustrated by manually reviewing legal documents every day, can your day job help you or support you to build an AI powered SaaS product to automate and optimize this? Likely, no.

”If you cannot build things you can show at work, you should build things you can show outside of work.”

This is Patrick’s rallying cry. Humans are creative creatures. We need to nurture that creativity.

Most of us don’t nurture it enough.

Read Patrick’s epic blog post and follow him on Twitter.

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