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Farming Luck

The phrase “you make your own luck” entered through my years many times during my life, and exited my mouth even more times than that. I’m a big believer in it. Lucky people tend to invest a lot of time and energy into being lucky. Think about some key moments in your life:

  • Where or how you met your significant other
  • How you got the job you’re in today
  • How you ended up on your career path

You probably think many of these were - in part - purely accidental. In reality you created the environment and decision making framework (for you, and for others) to make these all happen.

Each are the result of many, many small bets (something some people call “life”). I’ve written about Daniel Vassallo’s Portfolio Of Small Bets before. His approach fuels life through business bets.

But I love how John Yeung frames it. “Farming luck” is what he collectively calls making the most of little decisions that add up to a lot. In his own words:

“Bets that you make compound in value over time.”

Increasing our exposure to luck earns us more of it. Something each of us can increase every day.

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