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GPT-3 Is Eating The World

Since its launch in June 2020, it now seems GPT-3 is eating the world. gpt3demo.com, by Apideck makes that new reality a visual, tangible one.

When Marc Andreessen coined the famous phrase “Software is eating the world” back in August 2011, he was referring to how cloud computing and mobile devices were transforming traditional industries from music to retailing to law. It now seems like GPT-3 will gobble up the world.

I previously wrote about Headlime, one of the new marketer-focused products GPT-3 can solve for. But GPT-3 can - of course - solve for far more roles and industries than just marketing. OpenAI have created something magical - and a bit scary. GPT-3 is scary good. Applicable almost everywhere.

Apideck has now created a live demo at gpt3demo.com with real products, real examples of GPT-3 in action. From copywriting to games, recruiting, poetry, learning and more, it’s an impressive list. And growing all the time.

Well worth a look.

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