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Quick Thoughts On Headlime

Writers block is the absolute worst. Staring at a blank page, with an idea in your head, but no idea where to begin. Blogging is tough, but writing copy for landing pages and ads is even tougher. Ideating variants and topics ain't easy - specially if it's how you spend most of your day.

To overcome this there's been an explosion of "AI" powered solutions, many of which lean heavily on GPT-3. and Frase are two mature products in the space. Headlime is up there with them.

The idea is pretty simple - choose your hoped outcome (blog post, marketing copy, landing page, etc) and work from there. Each option takes you through a guided experience based on that option.

The Marketing copy experience, for example, includes value prop inspiration - feature-to-benefit, Pain x Gain x Claim, Tagline, Product Pitch, etc. If you're creating ads, Headlime generates title and description options for Google and Facebook. It even creates ecommerce product descriptions.

In case you're wondering if content it creates is copyright friendly, it is. Headlime learns as you type, and provides inspiration based on your input and guidance. Handy options guide your tone towards "casual" or "formal" and paragraph are semi-automated. A faster way to write, not a replacement.

Check it out and follow @getheadlime on Twitter.