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Get Intention To Save Your Attention

A year into a global pandemic, a huge portion of the world continues to work from home. A combination of young children, home schooling, no social outlets, and a loosely defined work and home life makes things very, very difficult. Collective concentration levels have never been lower.

Courtesy of Jack Butcher, I recently stumbled across Intention - an amazing tool to help you focus your time. And - in the creators own words - Build the habit of focus.

It’s pretty simple. Install the Chrome (or Firefox) plugin, create a list of distracting sites (you can do this mid-browse, too), set scheduled hours when Intention is active, and set yourself a daily distraction limit. That’s it.

Any time you’re tempted to browse a url on your “Distracting Sites” list, a popup will appear. It’ll grant you the option to browse that site for 1 minute, or more, or not at all. 1 minute is the bright green default - encouraging to quickly check what you need to, and move on.

No more entering a state of flow for tasks that don’t matter. More time to share attention between what you’re working on, and the other real people in your home :)

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