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When Web Apps Are Mobile Apps

I've long been a believer that browsers, not apps, are the future of mobile. Most of the desktop software we use today - from Facebook, to Canva, to Gmail and Slack - "lives" in web browsers. As internet speeds acclerated, and as "the cloud" came alive, the inevitable happened.

That same inevitable progress is being made on mobile, too. Just like my desktop, more and more apps on my mobile phone (a OnePlus 8) are web apps. But I get overly excited when those web apps have been fine-tuned for mobile, and make the experience feel "native."

Recently I tweeted an image of Mailbrew's mobile web apps in action. Here it is:

Amazing, right? Actions which send you to the right part of the app, but available on mobile web. I love these little details, and I think the Mailbrew team love building them, too.