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TakeShape: APIs To API

I've built a few Jamstack websites with multiple sources of data. Multiple Airtable Bases, Google Sheets,, and - of course - Markdown. It's a pretty good workflow (I generally us GatsbyJS as my SSG of choice), but it can cause the odd niggly issue.

Small issues like missing fields can cause niggly bugs and pain. Sometimes, connecting data from the various sources to render in a single component can be a bit too much work for the outcome.

TakeShape was created to address exactly this challenge. It allows you to "bring your own frontend framework" - React, Next, Gatsby, Vue, Nuxt, others - and configure an API mesh to connect and combine data and assets from the various services in-play.

New queries, mutations, and even data types can be created on the fly - all in a "drag and drop" way.

TakeShape also offers pretty nice image manipulation capabilities, and a speedy CDN. Built-in search - powered by Elasticsearch - makes querying easy, and supports complex filtering.

GE, Comcast, and charity : water have all signed up for the service. The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation is also a customer. Pretty serious organizations, building mission critical apps.

TakeShape offer a pretty generous free tier. Give it a try.