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Gitpod Is All Grown Up

I love Gitpod for so many reasons - 5 of which I previously expanded on. The €8 cost of the "Personal" plan is literally my favourite credit card charge of the month. Gitpod will be part of my workflow and life for many, many years to come. They're certainly well set up for many more years.

Sven and Johannes penned a great post announcing their $13m funding round led by General Catalyst. They didn't plan on raising money, but they're going to be deploying it in some interesting ways. Building their brand, and - of course - improving their product.

Gitpod's product roadmap is publicly available and exciting. Some features - like prebuilds and optimized workplace starts - might sound boring to some, but I'm really excited about them. Gitpod is great value because the €8 cost saves me time. These features will save me even more time.

The addition of VS Code as an alternative to Theia is super interesting. For existing VS Coders out there, it'll make Gitpod a more appealing option. For those, like me, that enjoy Theia there'll still be an option to keep using it. A roll-your-own workspace for every project.

Huge congrats to the team at Gitpod - they've built something amazing, and will no doubt create even more amazing tools over the coming years. Gitpod is worth your time and money.