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Cyril Mathew On Crypto, Coinbase, Bitcoin, And Halving

Cyril Mathew is one of the smartest people I know. I was lucky to get to know him during my time at Facebook (we were deskmates during my time at FB London), and - since then - he's built his career at breakout technology companies like Uber, Coinbase, and Stripe.

Clearly the folks at Dumb Money know he's super smart, too. They recently had him as a guest on their podcast to chat about Crypto, Coinbase, Bitcoin, And Halving.

Interestingly enough, Cyril touched on the correlation between Bitcoin halving and Bitcoin Bull Runs.

I had no idea about halving before. And, I had no idea that viral marketing loops were built into Bitcoin. It goes some way to explain why Bitcoin is on a Bull Run right now. Really interesting stuff.

Full disclosure: I'm long on Blockchain, and long on Cryptocurrencies (in general), but I'm a bit of Bitcoin sceptic.

Cyril may have just provided some of the antidote to my scepticism. He knows a ton about this topic, so I recommend learning from him on Twitter and by listening to/watching this podcast.