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Cooperpress: The Developer Media Company You've Probably Never Heard Of

Brian Rinaldi scribes an exellent newsletter about all things Jamstack, aptly named JAMstacked. It's a great read whether you're kicking the tyres on the Jamstack, or a mature developer spinning up more complex projects. Every time I read it, I learn something new.

The existence of Cooperpress is one of those things I learned. Based in beautiful rural Lincolnshire (home of the world famous sausages), Cooperpress deliver popular developer focused content to over half a million subscribers. Their portfolio of 12 digests is super impressive, including:

  • JavaScript Weekly
  • Frontend Focus
  • Ruby Weekly
  • Node Weekly
  • StatusCode

Their open rates are insanely high - 30% to 70% - and previous sponsors include Slack, Microsoft, AWS, Datadog, Apple, Twilio and Square. A really impressive effort for such a small team.

Check out Cooperpress and subscribe to JAMstacked.