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Cloudflare Pages Is Out Of Beta

I'm big on all things Jamstack, so I've obviously been keeping an eye on what Cloudflare have been up to. Their Pages product is now out of beta, so a good time to give it the once-over.

Like anything fairly new it's not perfect - but it does have some unique features compared to similar services. Their network of data centres, for instance, spans 100 countries - making latency a potential big win.

Free web analytics is another compelling feature. Similar to Simple Analytics, it's privacy-first and relies on logs - not cookies. Core web vitals are built in, making for some unique ways to compare performance across pages and sites.

Cloudflare's _redirects treatment is Netlify-ish in nature (just add a _redirects file to your build output directory), but I'm not sure yet how this interplays with Cloudflare's Page Rules (which have a limit of 3 rules/redirect on free plans). The git push workflow is familar and simple.

Asset optimization features are interesting, and automagically serving WebP is a nice touch. Gzip and Brotli are seen as table stakes these days, but device-based resizing is unique for the price.

Paid plans start at $20/mo for 5 concurrent builds, 5000 builds, and unlimited everything else.