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Canva Presentations

I'm not sure exactly when I signed up for it, but I've been using Canva for years. Their product has always been amazing for a few reasons: free to use, easy to use, works well with other products.

It's been thought of as a "new age" modern alternative to Photoshop. Where Photoshop was an installable app, Canva runs in the browser. It even works pretty well in mobile web browsers.

With the launch of Canva Presentations, however, Canva are moving into Google-like territory, to potentially become a "Platform for work." There are elements of Zoom, Loom, and other 'ooms.

Like Pitch, Canva Presentations is an alternative to Google Slides. The selection of Presentation Templates is pretty incredible (this is my favourite). Interactive presentation tools add an element of fun and surprise, and pre-recording is one of those "why didn't I think of that" features.

It'll be interesting to see where Canva goes from here. It's now an almost $15 Billion market cap business, on a path to become "Atlassian v2" if all goes well. Australia is producing more and more incredible founders, products and outcomes. Must be all that sunshine and amber nectar.

Canva Presentations is worth a look.