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2021: Blog Every D̶a̶y̶ Week

Earlier this year I committed to blogging every day. It's worked out pretty well - my attitude towards writing has changed, I've discovered (and written about) some great new products, and I've received some great (sometimes constructive) feedback from friends and colleagues.

It's also helped me rethink my approach to blogging on I used to focus on long-form, well thought through and deeply researched pieces. There, i'll be moving to a more "casual" form of writing, with shorter-form thoughts/learnings/chats. It'll be fun.

Back here on this blog, I'm still committed to writing once a week (at least). Ironically, some posts might end up being longer-form - but that's okay.

Blogging every day has served it's purpose. It's helped me rediscover some creative skills that were locked away, and helped me apply a "ship to learn" philosophy to my writing. 108 posts later, it's time to apply all I've learned in lots of other ways.

Excited to keep sharing thoughts here, and excited to share even more thoughts on the Developer Ecosystem blog over the coming weeks and months.