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Why MAKE, By Pieter Levels, Is Worth Your Money

Call it the Passion Economy, the Maker Economy, or whatever you like - more people then ever are bootstrapping itch-scratching ideas into existence, creating financial security and independence for themselves. Of all the Indie Makers out there, Pieter Levels is arguably best-known.

Pieter first came on my radar when reading about his plans to create 12 startups in 12 months. His 2013 post Reset your life explained his early motivation, and early progress.

Today, Pieter is building and managing a $1 Million+ annual revenue business, from... wherever he happens to be. Nomad List and Remote Ok are two of the largest businesses in his portfolio of bets. The latter is used by the likes of Amazon, GitHub, Stripe, Shopify, and Y Combinator to find talent.

His business is a lean business. Mostly just Pieter building products, promoting them, supporting them. It's lean because it keeps his brain active. Learning keeps him earning.

A lot of what Pieter has learned is buyable in his book, MAKE. I bought it in October 2019 and re-read it a lot. Partly because he constantly updates it (last update 4 days ago), partly because it's a reminder that scoping back, moving fast, and avoiding perfection is how progress happens.

I've referred it to friends, colleagues, and companies to help them focus and avoid noise.

Seems like a lot of people have referred it to a lot of people. It continues to sell well, with sales and revenue growing over the past couple of years (you might notice he's using Simple Analytics on that page, a product I learned about through Pieter).

MAKE is worthy of your money and your time.