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Total Cookie Protection

For almost a decade, cookies have been on deathwatch. People-based attribution has become a new mantra, with many Platforms - consumer and B2B - vying to be the "unopinionated Switzerland" that brings the entire customer journey together.

Yet, I'm still not sure Cookies will die anytime soon. We actually need them for a bunch of things, like knowing when we're logged in and logged out of websites and web apps. It's the nasty cookies - the ones that follow us around the web - that scare us.

And that's part of the answer. We need better ways to make sure the cookies we opt in to will be used to improve the experience of using a particular website or web app. And only that.

Mozilla recently announced Total Cookie Protection, a feature of Firefox 86. In their own words:

"Total Cookie Protection confines cookies to the site where they were created, which prevents tracking companies from using these cookies to track your browsing from site to site."

A smart move, and a clear sign of where the industry is moving to. Simple Analytics and Plausible already make it possible to serve their (privacy-friendly) tracking pixel from a domain or subdomain of your choice. Hey already blocks scripts from a list of well known domains.

It feels like a combination of the two might be a good middleground, where the accuracy of (relevant) analytics will improve as privacy improves. And, instead of a small number of ad networks and auction systems, it's likely direct-to-advertiser will become more of a trend over time.

All things considered, the future of the web is brighter - and more privacy friendly - than ever.