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This Virtual Pub Is As Good As It Gets (For Now)

There's lots of things I'd love to go back to normal right now. We're still in Level 5 lockdown in Ireland, mostly confined to our homes, with brief walks and Zoom calls providing social connection. Irish people are social creatures at heart, and pubs are one of those social spaces we rely on.

No doubt - soon, I hope - we'll get back to wandering into bars, ordering pints of Guinness, sitting on stools, and chatting to random people at either side of the bar. All will be normal again. Soon.

Until then, Sounds of the Pub is here to help you turn any room - even your bedroom - into a virtual Irish bar. Created by Cogs & Marvel it's a simple web app, but a magical one.

Feel free to tweak up or down any of the sound inputs, including:

  • The Match (so you can imagine watching Ireland winning the Six Nations)
  • Trad Music (gives that feeling of being in Temple Bar, or - even better - the Cobblestone)
  • Fireplace (for sinking a quiet pint and pondering contents of the local paper)
  • Rain (goes very well with Fireplace sounds)
  • The Chat (if you miss the hum and buzz sounds of somewhere like Grogans)
  • Old Man (there's a section of Mulligan's on Poolbeg Street in Dublin that sounds like this)
  • Bar Work (I learned about "time to lean, time to clean" when I worked as a barman, age 15)

The only elements missing are that pub smell and - of course - a creamy pint of the black stuff (or, whatever you're having).

Sounds of the Pub will help keep you sane through the last days of lockdown. Sláinte!