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The Best Way To Link To Your BrandKit

Yesterday, when writing about ReadMe Recipes, I noticed a fun little feature of ReadMe's website. If you right click on ReadMe's logo, you'll see this little modal:

I absolutely love this, for so many reasons. As a recovering web designer I've spent countless hours right-clicking on logos to save them (to upload them elsewhere). But they're often too pixellated, too colour-bleedy, or just not the right mix of colours for the environment they'll end up in.

BrandKits tend to be hidden deep in the dark depths of corporate websites. Near the "About Us" page, around the corner from "Company News" but hidden away so only the most eager logo-sleuths can find them. A bit of a waste. Brands cost a lot of money to create and build.

ReadMe's approach to this is fun, useful, and contextually relevant. "Regular" users of their website will rarely - if ever - right click on the top left logo. Logo-hunters definitely will. ReadMe are solving for a niche set of users, without hindering the experience for everyone else.

Simple, brilliant, smart.