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Mailbrew Is Magic

Working from home - something the pandemic forcibly nudged us to do - has lots of benefits. My family might not get another chance to see this much of each other again. Kids grow fast, and seeing our little man grow from two at the start of the pandemic, to three next month, is a privelege.

Yet, working from home has its downsides. Kids are - by their nature - loud. They crave attention. Getting time and space for deep work is difficult. As is "switching off" at the end of the day.

So we turn to anything we can find to soften the blow to our brains. Evenings are filled with binge-watching Netflix, maybe with a glass of something now and then. Board games are getting more than a brief look-in these days. Zoom quizzes fell victim to daytime Zoom fatigue.

There's another vice we're drawn to - social media. When we're bored, lonely - or both - we check in to see what's happening around us. Which is a good thing. Social connection, in any form, is good.

Getting sucked into feed-voids negates much of that goodness. Mindless scrolling, checking what's being said on Twitter after that incredible Harry and Meghan interview. Much noise. No signal.

The minutes and hours disappear. Never to be seen again.

Mailbrew is an antidote to the feed-void pandemic. It has - with help from Intention - shaved a ton of time from my daily dose of feed induced dopamine. The time earned is well worth $8 a month.

Here's how it works. When you create an account, you're prompted to create a brew. You can create public brews and private brews - as many as you like. Brews are a curated mix of content from the places that matter most. Each brew will be sent to your email inbox when you like. It looks like this:

Nice and simple. A handy "read later" plugin lets you clip content as you browse the web, and includes it in your email digest. Oh, and the digest - or digests - can be scheduled anytime.

If you run a blog or newsletter, Mailbrew is a solid choice for you, too. Plug in your RSS feed, publish the brew as "public" and an embeded for or shareable link will take care of the rest. It's even possible to mix feeds from your blog with your latest Tweets. Handy.

Mailbrew is well worth investing your money in - so you can invest more time in other things.