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Is That Ship Still Stuck?

Memes are what the internet was made for. Sort of. Free speech is what the internet was made for. Memes help us speak freely. They're funny, timely, shareable. And, usually, short lived. I love them.

I really love memes that lean on and leverage technology products I care about and enjoy.

So I loved discovering that Tom Neill got bored on his day off and created (just in case you're wondering, the ship is still stuck - as of today at least).

It's a Jamstack website. Which is a way of building that I care about and enjoy. And, privacy-conscious. A topic I care about and... uh... enjoy. How do it's privacy conscious? Tom's Simple Analytics.

Tom is more getting traffic to his "bored day off" website than most of us could ever dream of. Without any downtime. It's solid as a rock. A nice win for the Jamstack.

And, it's privacy-conscious, real time analytics are holding up nicely, too. Check out the load:

Here's the real live version. Kudos to Adriaan for building something so simple, and so steady.