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Headspace Focus Music

Working from home, with a toddler at home, during a pandemic, means my Bose QuietComfort headphones have been... eh... hard at work. The only way to be productive is with headphones on.

I've listened to a ton of music over the past year. A mix of old favourites and new releases.

Yet, randomly, my favourite choice has become Headspace's Focus Music. What's that, you ask?

In late 2020, Headspace hired John Legend as their Chief Music Officer. He's been busy.

John curated a set of Focus Music playlists from Hans Zimmer, Aluna, St. Vincent, Madlib, and more. Each is over an hour long, usually enough time to get a good chunk of focused work done.

There are no lyrics. Most of the time anyway. Just nice, simple sounds that help close off the noisy parts of your brain, so the rest of it can think freely.

My favourite - so far - is "Corner Booth Jazz." It's over three hours long and is, well, smooth Jazz.

Headspace is $69 a year. For so much more than just meditation. Well worth the investment.