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Gatsby 3.0: Faster Jamstack Is Better Jamstack

I've long been a fan of the Jamstack approach to building websites and web apps, and have long been a fan of Gatsby as my Static Site Generator of choice. I love it for a few reasons:

  • GraphQL makes it super simple to query and combine data from different sources, quickly. So combining data from almost any CMS, database, spreadsheet is a doddle.

  • The Developer Experience is pretty epic. Gatsby CLI is very much a fully featured developer interface in its own right. World class.

  • Output is fast by default. Gatsby Image spits out beatifully rendered and fast loading images. Static markup loads quickly. Squished JavaScript is the cherry on top.

With that in mind, I was excited to learn about Gatsby 3.0 - the latest "big" release. I definitely wasn't disappointed. It contains some epic improvements, new features, and time saving benefits, like:

  • 80% speed improvement in local development experience. It now only builds pages or processes images when they've changed. No more waiting out rebuilds of your full site.

  • Incremental Builds is enabled by default. Previously this was only available to Gatsby Cloud users, or through bespoke plugins. Really excited about this as a time (and money) saver.

  • Stronger core web vitals and higher Lighthouse scores. Core web vitals is becoming more vital - pun intended - to positive SEO effects. Remember, speed is a feature.

Check out the full list of improvements, and check out the v2 to v3 migration guide.