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Behold The No-Code / Low-Code Startup Universe

I'm lucky to spend my working hours in the (virtual, these days) company of Scott Brinker, founder of and creator of increasingly insanely large marketing technology landscapes.

Apple said "there's an app for that." Every year, Scott says "there's a SaaS product for marketers for that" (actually, MarTech conference is happening next week, check it out). Every year, the list grows larger. Like any economy, a contraction of the MarTech economy is a rare event.

Pietro Invernizzi and Ben Tossell just announced their own list, focused on No-Code/Low-Code startups. It's obviously a smaller list - 145 is far cry from 5,000 - but size doesn't matter.

Trajectory matters. A few short years ago there weren't enough logos to warrant a scape.

No doubt you'll notice some familiar names in the list like Notion, Zapier, Airtable, and Typeform.

It's the names you don't know that stand out. Like n8n, Carrd and Supabase. And the clear categories they appear in. Many of the categories are "new" in nature. I didn't realise Spreadsheets + Steroids was a "thing."

Check out what you can stitch together these days, without writing code:

  • Website Builders & Enhancers
  • App Builders, Mobile-first
  • App Builders & Enhancers, Web-first
  • Internal Tools & Internal App Builders
  • Workflow Automation Tools
  • Data & Developer Productivity
  • Spreadsheets on Steroids
  • Numbers, Finance & Modelling
  • Payments & Transactions
  • Checkouts, Subscriptions, Memberships & Commerce
  • Low-code Analytics & Dashboards
  • Form Builders

If there's one teeny tiny gripe I have, it's the separate categorization of "Web-first" and "Mobile-first" App Builders. In my mind Web = Mobile, but I probably need to stop banging on about that. And, there are some notable Low-Code startups not on the list (yet).

It's an awesome list. Well worth checking out. Excited to see how long it is next year.