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A Decade Of AppSumo-ing

Earlier this week I bought a few AppSumo deals that caught my eye. It's fun to try new software, and fun to support - at an early stage - creators of it. Right after one of my shiny new purchases, I was brought to the "Purchase History" link. I then realise how addicted to AppSumo I've been.

Since I signed up to AppSumo in 2011, I've bought almost 70 AppSumo deals. Pretty remarkable. More remakable because for most of that time I've been working for other companies - I'm not a "founder" or the typical AppSumo audience. I enjoy software so I just go ahead and buy it for fun.

It looks like Noah Kagan hooked me with a free offer on 20th May 2011 - Google Adwords Demystified. I must have been mystified enough by Adwords to take him up on his offer. Not long after that, on 6th August 2011, I paid a grand total of $79 for WPMU Dev Premium Elite.

Since 2011, I've picked up some pretty great deals. Here's just a few:

There are, of course, deals I bought for software that completely died. The list is like a dotcom deadpool for a newer age.

Yet, that's the great thing about this internet age. The cost of failure is closer to zero than ever before.