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Typefully: Distraction-Free Tweets

Ok, I'll come clean. Although I joined Twitter in September 2008, I really only started using it properly 5 or so years ago. I just couldn't get my head around it till then. Before that, I was all-in on Facebook.

Today, it's my favourite source of content. Which can be a bit of a problem.

Since I started a habit of blogging every day, I've been trying to keep my time-per-post to the absolute minimum. No editing. No faffing about. Just write down the idea, click Publish, and done.

But that's not how it always goes when "share on Twitter time" comes. It's easy to get sucked into debates in threads. And pictures of beautiful pints (pandemic, please be over soon).

To make my Twitter consumption more focused and productive, I recently joined Mailbrew (more on that another time). Twitter do the email digest thing, but it's not great. Mailbrew's digest is amazing.

Another great product spawned by Mailbrew's founders is Typefully. It's the solution to my "share on Twitter time" woes. This is how it looks.

See that? Constraint in-a-pane. It does two things really well: help you write and send Tweets, and help you write and Schedule Tweets. That's it.

I've a huge fan of the little "New Draft" button on the left. A nice, simple way to gather ideas. Adding images is super easy, too. Just drag, drop, and you're done.

Typefully ended up as #3 Product of the Day on ProductHunt in December. I can see why. Try it.