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Tanay Pant Is Technically True

I still remember ye good olde days when radio was analog. No Clubhouse. No Stitcher. No TuneIn.

Podcasting is just over 20 years old, and it's grown insanely fast. Apple and Google created the ability to find relevant podcasts baked into their operating systems. Spotify make your favourite shows easy to find. Memberful and Patreon made podcasts a subscription business.

In listener-land, there's more choice than ever. Well, almost.

Some niche topics are still underserved. Like Developer Relations. Building a Developer Platform, or building atop a Developer Platform is relatively new career for most. There's no standard playbook for hiring developer advocates, hosting developer events, or launching open source projects.

Tanay Pant wants to change that. Tanay is Head of Developer Relations at, one of my favourite open source projects. Through his podcast Technically True, Tanay shares what he's learned, and learns from his interviewees - so we can listen in and learn from both.

Episodes vary in length, typically 30 minutes. Perfect for your daily commute... when that becomes a "thing" again. So, for now, a perfect accompaniment to your breakfast or mid-morning coffee. Guests like Cassidoo openly share wisdom, tips, and learned-from fails.

Technically True is trending on ProductHunt today. Tanay is on Twitter at @tanay1337.