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Starlink Comes To Ireland (And, The World?)

Whatever you think of him, Elon Musk is one of the best systems thinkers in the world today.

He created PayPal, a system to send and receive money (that embedded itself in other systems, initially eBay). But thats as simple as that system got. His next system would be even bigger.

Here's some parts of his - insanely rational and standards-based - system to reinvent how live:

  • Tesla, to build lightweight, more energy efficient "green" electric cars.

  • SolarCity, to create solar panels (and roof tiles), to help charge those electric cars.

  • Hyperloop, to transfer those cars over long distances even more efficiently.

  • The Boring Company, to drill holes for the Hyperloop, over long distances.

  • Powerwall, to store the remaining enercy from those panels, to power your home.

  • SpaceX, to inhabit Mars, just in case we don't stop polluting the place.

  • Starlink, a byproduct of SpaceX, to fund the trips to Mars (by selling us fast WiFi).

  • OpenAI to - amongst other things - help Teslas drive themselves, powered by Starlink WiFi.

  • Neuralink, to augment our human selves even further, no doubt powered by all of the above.

It's rare for one person to think so holistically about how so many different companies, industries, and technologies and grow together, enhance each other, and reinvent how we do so many "normal" things differently. And better.

This is all a long winded way of me sharing how excited I am that Starlink is now available for preorder in Ireland (and, the world?). I was strangely excited to get an email promising me initial speeds 80% worse than what I get today through Virgin Media.

Yet, that's part of the magic of Elon Musk. As crazy as he might sometimes seem, he's one of the most rational thinkers of our time. And knows how to get us excited about the most basic, often taken-for-granted things.