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Side Hustles, Exploding Topics, And Core Web Vitals

Exploding Topics is surprisingly useful. Created by Brian Dean, Josh Howarth, and Kyle Byers even the free insights are gold (I signed up for Pro recently, it's great).

Earlier today I was browsing through these two topics separately, but wondered if one might influence the other in some way.

5 year growth of "side hustle" is up 1839%. 193% over the past 2 years. Almost 50,000 people in the United States search for the term each month. A lot of people are considering entrepreneurship.

At the same time "core web vitals" is up 99X+ over 2 and 5 year timeframes. Granted, core web vitals are a recent addition to the "things you should worry about" SEO list. Still, it's top of mind for a growing number of people. And changes are-a-coming.

But still, disruption and change is opportunity.

Will the next wave of side hustlers and entrepreneurs win by focusing on speed as a feature? Will they choose the Jamstack as their route to faster innovation, growth, and success? Will they beat slower marketing websites and web apps by simply choosing more modern technology?

Only time will tell.