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Lean SEO Is Worth Leaning On

Way back in ye olden times, learning was expensive. And for the privileged. In 1500 just 6% of English people could sign their name. By 1800 that rose to 53%. What changed? Technology.

Books, ships, trains. The Printing Press. Technologies combined to help document knowledge, and transport that knowledge far and wide. Education was democratized - well, sort of.

Until relatively recently, Universities were where people learned skills to earn the highest wages. Before the advent of the internet a career in economics, business, finance, medicine, marketing, or law required four years of classes, parties, and graduation ceremonies. Then, came the big bucks.

Within two decades internet access disrupted the "four years, in-person" model. Today, companies like Google and Apple no longer require college degrees. Facebook don't require one either - I don't have a university degree and got a job there in 2012. I turned down a place (or two) in university to build websites instead.

Technology changes our world so fast that what we need to learn changes fast. I can think of a gazillion places to complete React.js courses. React was launched less than a decade ago. Most React courses are based on real world experience, not legacy theory. Experience creates lessons.

That's why I love courses like Lean SEO, by Pat Walls (who, as a reminder, inspired this blog).

It's not just practical - Pat grew Starter Story to 500k visitors/month with his approach - it's also accessible. An entire 12 part course, with hours and hours of video and free tools is just $119 (I managed to get in early, at just $79). That would have been $1,190 10 years ago. Or more.

A lot of what Pat teaches through his framework isn't - conceptually - all that different from my approach building a price comparison engine to similar levels of traffic in the late 2000's.

But it is different, in that it's built on recent experience and testing. Google changes how Google works several times a day. That's factored into the approach. It's timely and relevant. It's working for him.

Learn more about Pat's Lean SEO curriculum here, and follow him on Twitter.