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Integration Voting Portal

"We need an integration with ________." One of the most common feature requests for product companies looking to launch Platforms or create value through Platforms. It's a request made by a variety of teams - product teams, sales teams, management teams, and partnership teams.

Like most decisions in life, prioritizing which integrations to build next ain't easy.

Gertjan De Wilde may have just made it easier.

Voting portal is a pretty interesting product release from the Apideck crew.

The idea is simple. Customers (or, people at your company who talk to customers - ideally everyone) can share suggestions for new integrations, or upvote existing suggestions.

Gathering feedback about why certain integrations are more or less than others is important, too. A customer looking for an integration to connect another product they use to to yours is a different ask, compared to someone on your sales team suggesting integrations to win deals.

Another cool feature - notify customers (and prospects) when you launch requested integrations.

Voting portal is trending on ProductHunt today. Worth checking out.