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How To Read Kindle Books In A Browser

I just spent ten minutes writing a post about David Ogilvy, but now I'm writing this about Amazon Kindle. Why? I had no idea Kindle Cloud Reader existed until today. An exciting development. As someone who is excited about web based everything, this late discovery is mildly embarrassing.

According to this Good e-Reader article, Amazon launched Cloud Reader in 2011. It was borne out of - yet again - Apple imposing their App Store tax. Needs must when the Devil drives.

"The Kindle Cloud Reader was originally developed when Apple made all app developers pay them a percentage of royalties for in-app transactions. Selling ebooks is not that profitable and operates on razor thin margins. Amazon disabled purchasing ebooks in the main Kindle app and told people to visit the Kindle Cloud Reader via Safari, buy ebooks and sync."

I hope Amazon don't deprecate Cloud Reader. People like me need it so we can quickly capture images from books, in full colour no less. Or, as is the case with my next post, in full black and white.

Here's one of the images I was looking for. Complete with slightly snarky David Ogilvy caption.

Enjoy the magic of Kindle Cloud Reader at