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Helping DigitalHQ Help Small Businesses

Earlier today, Eoin Costello shared that I'm joining DigitalHQ's Advisory Panel. "It's an honour" would be an understatement. I'm beyond excited to help DigitalHQ accelerate Digital Growth for Towns & their communities of Small Businesses.

Here's a few reasons why I'm excited about helping DigitalHQ.

  1. Covid has made life extremely difficult for SMBs. Survival requires small businesses everywhere to change and adapt. Technology is a change-enabler, and successfully adopting the right technology can set businesses up for long term growth and success.

  2. I've been a small business owner myself, and know how tough the journey can be. Support, mentorship, and access to the right tools are important. I particularly love the provision of of co-working space. Not just helpful for the businesses within it, but also for those around it.

  3. Many of my recent roles at HubSpot, Intercom and Facebook have involved creating and leaning into technology partnerships with SMB-focused platforms - like Shopify, Wix and PayPal. I've helped build SMB-focused technology, and have seen the positive impact that technology can create for small businesses.

  4. I'm excited to learn from DigitalHQ's fantastic Board, Advisory Panel, and Patrons. It's a collection of familiar faces, including my Facebook colleague Daryl Hughes. Should be fun.

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