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Embracing Constraints Can Earn You 800,000 Users

I've long been a fan of Carrd. A nice, easy to use tool for creating one page websites quickly. It's popular with Indie Hackers and Nomad entrepreneurs, often as a quick way to spin up minimum-viable internet businesses.

800,000 users have created 1.2 million sites with it.

Carrd's creator, AJ, is a bit of a mystery to most. He lives in Nashville, Tennessee - but beyond that it's not easy to learn much about him.

That's why it was fun to listen to AJ's chat with OpenView on their blog. AJ shared the history of Carrd, what it's all about, and how he thinks about product development.

One particular snippet of wisdom stood out. Embracing constraints inspires creativity.

It stood out because - not only do I agree with it - constraints are one of the best features of Carrd. Limited choices leads to faster results. A philosophy Jack Butcher of Visualize Value clearly agrees with. And, no doubt, many others.

AJ's interview with OpenView is just 30 minutes long, but includes a lifetime's worth of actionable insight. Well worth a listen (or, a read).