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Blog Every Day: One Month In

On New Years Eve I promised myself I'd blog every day. I've managed one month of it. For a new domain, with no previous content, and no inbound links, it's going pretty well.

Definitely not the New York Times, but over 3,000 individuals have bothered to at least glance at what I've written. Where people are coming from, and what they're reading is interesting, too.

Rightly or wrongly, I've shared most content to Twitter, less of it LinkedIn, then one or two posts to Facebook. For February I might switch that up. Twitter is a black box when it comes to optimal share frequency, so worth testing a bit more. Google is learning to love the newness of the blog.

I've mostly posted about products I like, people to follow, or things I've learned. Mostly short-form content. I might mix that up with some longer-form content over the coming months.

On features, here's my "todo list" - I spun up this version of the blog in about an hour (on New Years Eve, just before my first post), so some additions are worthy of my time.

  1. A few people have asked for an RSS feed. There is one (it powers my email newsletter), but it's not "findable" by browsers.

  2. Share buttons. I've grown to dislike these over the years, but mostly because the "defaults" tend to drop cookies, slow page loads, and generally be a pain. I'll roll a lightweight version.

  3. Recommended reads. Aside from inline links, every blog post is a dead end. Will add more wayfinders to similar content, new content, etc.

  4. Comments. Again, I've grown to dislike some solutions for bloat reasons, but a new breed of privacy-first, bloat-free products like Commento are becoming popular. Will try a few.

  5. Conversations. I'm toying with the idea of "a quick chat with" as a lightweight way to interview and learn. Like a mini-podcast, but without the formality.

February is a short month. Excited to see how it goes.