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Three Reasons To Follow @cassidoo

I've been a Netlify fanboy for a silly amount of time. Well, nearly 4 years - but Netlify isn't exactly an old company. Chris and Matt started something truly amazing (and Jamstack-ey).

One of the great things about Netlify is the people they hire, including some of my former Intercomrades (you should follow them on Twitter).

Also pursuing the Netlification of the interweb is is Cassidy Williams - @cassidoo. You should follow her on Twitter, too. 145,000 (and counting) other people have.

Here's why you should follow Cassidy, helped by the letter H.

  1. Hilarious. From I love being a woman on the internet to songs from Hamilton, she'll crack you up pretty quickly.

  2. Honest. Even though they're hilarious, her videos share some pretty great advice. Like telling Junior Engineers that it's good to speak up! And that it's okay to be fed up with working from home in a pandemic.

  3. Helpful. If these things aren't helpful to other developers, I'm not sure what is. Also, there's a newsletter you should sign up to.

Anyway, just follow @cassidoo on Twitter. You won't regret it.