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Tailwind UI Is A Gamechanger

Since trying out Tachyons on some projects a few years back, the concept of "as little css as possible" has stuck with me. It's helped me think less, move fast, and enjoy building more. Tailwind is basically Tachyons on steroids.

If Tailwind is like Tachyons on steroids, Tailwind UI is like Lance Armstrong winning the Tour de France (seven times). Without, of course, the scandal and shame. It's a super acclerant.

Created by Adam Wathan and Steve Schoger, the concept behind Tailwind UI is pretty simple. It's basically groups of interoperable and extendable components - for Marketing and Application UI use cases - bundled as layouts, elements, forms, etc.

It's become extremely popular - Adam and Steve generated $2 million of sales in 5 months - because it's insanely accessible. Each component is complemented by a (resizeable) preview, sample code, and a quick way to copy sample code. Components can be pasted into Tailwind Play to quickly experiment outside of your normal development environment.

Tailwind UI has been in "early access" for almost a year, for a (similar to Divjoy) once-off payment ($249 when I bought it). Incredibly great value for money. Get it at this price while you can.