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Sorry, John King. We love Donie.

Today, I had planned to write an update post about 7 days of daily blogging. But that was before yesterday's events in Washington, D.C. played out. Really scary to watch.

And, no doubt, a million times scarier to be there in person. It definitely took the shine out of what should have been a day of celebration for democracy.

In the midst of the chaos on Capitol Hill, an Irishman appeared on CNN. He was cool, calm, collected, and very brave - yesterday's mob wasn't exactly the safest or most relaxing situation he could have been in. He didn't mince his words. He stayed on the front lines. He played a blinder.

Donie O'Sullivan won the hearts and minds of every person in Ireland last night. Just as John King wins our hearts and minds with his magic wall every four years. John even conceeded the race (like a the true gentleman).

Depending on who you choose to follow, or the conversations you choose to engage with, Twitter (and other social media platforms) can either be an echo chamber for baseless conspiracy theories, or a feed full of glowing adulation. These platforms have made progress, but arguably not enough, and not quickly enough. But that's a topic for me to write about a different day.

Thankfully, last night, my Twitter feed was full of adulation and praise for Donie. Even in the worst of times, Irish people have a strange habit of trying to see whatever silver lining might be shimmering in even grimmest, darkest of clouds. Humour has helped us through hard times before. So we lean on it often.

With that in mind, here's some of my favourite tweets from last night. Ex-colleagues, celebrities, regular punters - even Donie's sister - praising him for a job well done.

Sorry, John King. Donie is our new King of CNN.