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Reasons To Love Divjoy

Economies can't exist without small businesses. If there were no corner shops, hairdressers, dentists - and all the other specialists we rely on to survive and thrive - our lives and economies wouldn't be in great shape.

The evolving Developer Economy is no different. Bootstrapped Indie Hackers are the SMBs of SaaS. I have an unbelievable amount of respect for them. Running a small business is hard - I've tried my hand at it before. It's a lifestyle choice, not for everyone.

If I have a ton of respect for Indie Hackers, I reserve some extra for those Indie Hackers that dedicate time and energy helping other Indie Hackers create unique value. One of those is Gabe Ragland of Divjoy.

The concept behind Divjoy is pretty simple. Every web project starts with some table-stakes capabilities: a database, user interface, authentication, hosting, analytics, forms, and payments. You won't win any innovation awards for building these.

Yet, so much of the time, spinning up these basic capabilities takes of days, weeks or months. Before creating anything innovative. A problem Gabe is motivated to fix.

Visit and in a couple of minutes - through a simple form - you'll quickly create the fundamental components of a fully featured React web app.

Supported UI kits include Bootstrap and Bulma. You can choose Auth0 or Firebase for authentication. Netlify or Vercel for hosting your app. And so on.

Three customisable templates help you create something usable and beautiful pretty quickly, and a No-code (or, little code) editor makes the process even faster. A massive component library - with maps, media, and more - is the cherry on top.

When you're done, just click the big blue "Export Code" button to download source files, or create a CodeSandbox environment in a click. Super simple.

In case you're thinking "yeah, but surely the code isn't good enough for production" check out the Divjoy showcase. A personal favourite of mine is NativeForms, a HubSpot App Partner. Indie Hackers are creating real value with it.

Divjoy is seriously impressive - check it out.