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I've previously written about Why the Gig Economy’s Minimum Wage Debate Matters to Platform Companies. It's a complex topic. A trade-off between financial freedom, time freedom, and economic freedom. There is no one-size-fits all solution.

For service providers in the Gig Economy, there are subtle barriers in front of them. How to stand out in a sea of services provided by others. How to build a personal brand, not just the brand of various Platforms. How to define what you sell. How to price what you sell. How to get paid quickly.

Founded by three young Irish entrepreneurs (including some former Intercom-rades), was created to remove these barriers, and many more. It was created to help "Sell your smarts." The idea is pretty simple.

In a few clicks and form-fills, it's possible to quickly create a landing page that describes you, the services you offer, and the prices for them. That's it.

Along the way, if you so desire, you can add links to social media accounts (like Facebook, Twitter, TikTok), portfolio accounts (like GitHub and Dribble), and even Spotify and Apple Music (so people can judge you based on your taste in music).

There are four slick and simple layouts to choose from, two "light" or "dark" options, and a simple - but effective - selection of fonts. Less, but definitely better.

The signup and onboarding flow is - quite honestly - one of the best I've ever seen for a product at this stage. I'm a total idiot and I got my page up and running in a few minutes.

One super-smart feature: depending on how you self-categorize, some pre-determined "services" are available to choose from and enable, along with preset pricing suggestions. The "services" on my page were preset, untouched by me.

Last, but not least, a simple integration with Stripe automagically looks after payments, and transfer of those payments to your bank account. If you don't have a Stripe account, it'll create one for you. If you do, a few clicks will connect it.

Plenty of other people are as impressed with as I am. It's now trending on ProductHunt (please give it a quick upvote if you can).