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Parents: Try Maple (

I'm lucky that a 2 (and a half) year old, Finn, calls me daddy. He's great fun now - he definitely has his moments - but the his first few months in the world were nothing short of chaotic for my wife and I.

Finn arrived early. We'd just moved into a new home (deciding to renovate it at the last minute), and most of our furniture hadn't been delivered yet. Including Finn's crib - he slept for his first week in the world in a pram that arrived on the day we returned from hospital.

A pretty chaotic start, but just the start. The first four of five months were a total sleepless blur. Remembering to record nap times, feeding times, and poo times. Remembering to keep a stockpile of nappies, wipes and food (for him, and for us).

Then, more "stuff" - registering his birth, getting his jabs at the right times, drafting and signing our will (how morbid), finding childcare, conjuring up rainy day activities - the list goes on, and never ends. The list gets longer by the day.

For all the venture funding that's been poured into tech, we seem to have more solutions for photo Stories than we do to help parents organise their new life.

Maple, founded by Michael Perry, aims to change that.

In Michael's own words "Every job has gotten easier, but our most important one." He's right - jobs come and go, and family will always be a constant, but innovation for parents has largely been igonored - until now.

I first met and worked with Michael in his former work life, as founder and CEO of Kitcrm. He eventually sold it to Shopify, but not before simplifying marketing for small business owners by teaching and guiding them through a user interface they were already familiar with - SMS.

Michael's given me a sneak peek at Maple, and I can guarantee you it'll be even easier to use than sending an SMS. Sign up for early access at