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Blog Every Day: One Week In

We're 9 days into the fresh new year of 2021, and boy has a lot happened already.

I'm still mulling over the events of the past few days, and have some future thoughts i'll share on the inputs and impacts of that. So, for now, a quick update on how my new daily habit is going.

From zero, the blog is edging close to 1,000 visitors over the past month. Starting to see a bit of a delta between visitors and page views, but I guess that makes sense as there's not a lot to read yet.

Right now, a majority of traffic has been coming from Twitter. Less from LinkedIn, but I've shared a smaller number of posts there. Cool to see Instapaper and Flipboard on there - glad some of what I'm writing is bookmark-able. Google hasn't even registered yet, as the site is so new.

Done Is Better Than Perfect is by far the most popular post. It deserves a follow up (or more) based on events from the first week of 2021.

Interesting to see mobile traffic by device. Likely related to where people are discovering content. It's nice to have an increasingly global readership, too. 15 countries at last count.

Some quick learnings so far:

  • Each post creates more questions than answers. The list of follow up posts is getting longer by the day.

  • Gratitude is great. It's nice to see the impact of sharing products that I've come across, and to see people in my network try them.

  • Brevity is better. I've allocated no more than 30 minutes - in the morning, over breakfast - to write each post. Constraints are constructive.

Blogging every day has already been helpful to clarify a few thoughts in my head. It's a "win" at the start of every day, and a good habit will compound to even bigger "wins" over time.

Speaking of good habits, a fellow HubSpotter - Aja Frost - wrote a book. I've not read it (yet), but have heard great things. Check it out.