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2021: Blog Every Day

Inspired by Pat Walls, I've decided that a good resolution for 2021 would be one simple thing: blog every day.

It's obviously a loaded resolution. Blogging every day would usually suggest a daily delivery of well thought out, often well researched articles.

But this won't be that. Instead, it'll be a stream of thoughts, learnings, and recommendations. Some useful for others, some more useful for me.

Few reasons why I'm doing this (and need to do this):

  1. For whatever reason, over the past year my writing hasn't just not progressed - it's regressed. Along with my presentations, and presentation skills. I have a few theories why, that I plan to tease out through 2021. Writing every day should help me get back to the days when I used to rank at the top of Hacker News.

  2. My existing blog is slow and low. Low on the number of blog posts, and slow in terms of how fast they come. Partially because they take a lot of work to remember, research, conclude, and fact check. I need a different outlet.

  3. Tweets get lost in the ether. I tweet/retweet as a way of sharing great content (and products), but it's less than easy to find these after the fact. A lot of these products are built by inspirational, self-funded entrepreneurs like Pat Walls, Daniel Vassallo, and Gabe Ragland. I'd love to support them more.

  4. The Jamstack is evolving fast, and I want to evolve my skills faster with it. This blog is a way for me to document what I find, and dogfood what I find. Random code snippets that usually end up in Notion will end up here instead. Hopefully I'll be able to share useful feedback with Jamstack-ers at Netlify, Stackbit, etc.

  5. I care about a lot of things beyond technology. I turned down a Culinary Arts Degree placement and an apprenticeship with a Michelin Starred Chef when I was 17. To pursue an Industrial Design degree. Then, I didn't bother with university. A lot of what I learned along the way influenced how I work day to day.

Tomorrow, the first post of 2021. I've no idea what it'll be about, but I'm excited about it.